The supernova caused the collapse of the gate system, leading to many clusters being cut off. Races band together to form factions.


Albion Energy Subsidiary (AES)

Aquarius Corporation (AC)

Argon Government (AG)

Beryll (BER)


Family Ryak (RYK)

Franton Pharma (FP)

Heart of Albion (HOA)

Heretic Vanguards(HV)

Jonferson Space Systems(JSS)

Ledda Industrial (LI)

No Limits (NL)

Player (PL)

Plutarch Mining Corporation(PMC)

Reivers (REI)

Republic of Cantera (RoC)

Sonra Energy (SE)

Sovereign Syndicate (SS)

Wholesome Foods (WF)

Xenon (XEN)

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